What is Dog Shirt Daily?

#DogShirtDaily is a collection of thought, links, reading, recommendations, and inanities I assemble over the course of each day and send out in the evening—except when I send it out in the morning or some other time during the day. It is the home of the Good Morning Image, which has turned into the Good Evening Image as it has matured, and the #BeastOfTheDay—both of whom are refugees from my Twitter feed.

Subscriber-only content includes the podcast “Read With Me,” my Trump Trial Diary, as well other material still in development.

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Who the Heck Are You?

Honestly, I’m still not sure. But I’m working on it.

I am a Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution. I am the editor in chief of Lawfare. I was the cofounder and was a cohost on the pandemic cult classic show, “In Lieu of Fun.” I’ve written a bunch of books and a bunch of essays. I used to write editorials but I stopped believing in opinions.

I tend to eat garnishes others regard as decorative. I am alone among my acquaintance for eating shrimp tails.

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What Are Your Refund and Complimentary Subscription Policies?

Candidly, my refund policy is that sales here are final. The reason is not that I’m a hard-ass or anything. The reason is that I genuinely don’t have time to manage the requests in a timely or respectful fashion. Unlike Lawfare, I publish #DogShirtDaily entirely on my own and without any staff. So the less I have to think about the customer service side of things, the better.

Conversely, I don’t want anybody’s inability to pay to restrict access to the content I am publishing here. If the cost of subscription is too steep for you, send me a note and request a complimentary subscription, and I’ll send you one no questions asked. In other words, if you can’t afford a daily dog shirt, I’ll make sure you can. But if you send me money, don’t ask for it back.

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The #BeastOfTheDay Had to Go Somewhere


Editor in Chief, Lawfare Senior Fellow, Brookings I eat garnishes others regards as decorative. I write stuff.