Nov 19, 2022 • 30M

Read With Me: Appointment of John L. Smith as Special Counsel

Episode #1

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Benjamin Wittes
I read a lot of stuff. Think through documents with me as I read them, sometimes by myself, sometimes with friends.
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In this inaugural episode of “Read With Me,” we examine Merrick Garland’s Order No. 5559-2022, entitled “Appointment of John L. Smith as Special Counsel.” The order cites four statutes, which are discussed in the podcast: 28 USC § 509, 28 USC § 510, 28 USC § 515, and 28 USC § 533. It also cites, and we discuss, the Special Counsel regulations, codified at 28 CFR 600.4-10. And it cites this filing in the Mar-a-Lago litigation.