A Laser Poem Projected on the Russian Embassy

Written and read by Luda Huntsman, with a call for defections

May 16, 2023

Good Morning.

I’m going to keep today’s #DogShirtDaily short and sweet. I made this video from last weekend’s #SpecialMilitaryOperation, during which my friend Luda Huntsman and I projected a poem and a call for defections onto the walls of the embassy. The poem is by Luda and is in Russian; the subtitled translation is by Google Translate with a certain amount of massaging by both Luda and me.

And yes, I sent the video to the FBI Signal number in question.

Many thanks to everyone who subscribed to #DogShirtDaily yesterday in response to my call to support #SpecialMilitaryOperation: Housing:

We raised, in subscriptions and pledges, just under $4,000 for the project in the first day. I’m impressed. Let’s keep it going! Every subscription helps; all are heavily discounted. As to the several of you who are already subscribers but who offered to contribute additionally through a GoFundMe, thanks very much. I will set one up, but I want to wait on that until after I have done everything I can through this means. So stay tuned. I have heard you and appreciate it. In the meantime, folks, please subscribe if you haven’t done also already and give a subscription to someone if you have.

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A brief update on the project itself. I reviewed the terms of the Carillon House lease yesterday, and let’s just say it poses a few issues. I don’t see anything in there that would prevent the use of the apartment for projections, though there is some language that management might use to try. There is language, however, that might make housing a refugee in the apartment difficult. Specifically, there is a provision that reserves the use of the apartment for the lease-holder’s own residential use and prohibits sublets and other residences without the express approval of management. This is, uh, inconvenient, and I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do about it. But I’m working on it. Stay tuned.

Today’s project: reading the Durham Report, which was released yesterday. I will defer comment on it until after I have read it. Here’s the document itself:

Durham Report
43.4MB ∙ PDF file


And today’s #BeastOfTheDay are the crime-solving cows of Boone, North Carolina. Here is a Boone police press release in its entirety on a May 9 incident. The emphasis is added:

Local Cows Assist in the Arrest of a Reckless Driver Press Release

On May 09, 2023, a suspect later identified as Joshua Minton, age 34, of Millers Creek, NC, fled from Boone Police Officers during a traffic stop. The suspect led Boone police and deputies of the Watauga County Sheriff’s Office on a chase. The suspect abandoned his vehicle in the area of US Hwy 421 and US Hwy 221 in Deep Gap and fled into an undeveloped area. Due to the suspect’s fast and reckless driving our officers were not close enough to see exactly where the suspect ran.

As officers began to search the area they received some unexpected, but welcomed assistance from some local cows. The cows literally led the officers to where the suspect was hiding. In addition to thanking our officers and deputies for putting themselves in harm’s way; obviously, we want to express our gratitude to the cows for their assistance

Mr. Minton was charged with multiple charges to include:
 • 1 count of Felony Flee/Elude Arrest with a Motor Vehicle
 • Driving with License Revoked
 • Disorderly Conduct
Mr. Minton was taken before a magistrate and received a $20,000 secured bond with a court date scheduled for 06/28/2023 in Watauga County.